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The Administration Department

The Administration Department provides various support services to the departments of the SECP and Company Registration Offices in developing efficient procedures and a congenial working environment. These include arrangement of transport, procurement, official vehicles’ repair and maintenance, equipments’ repair and maintenance, advertisement publishing, maintaining sufficient stock of office supplies, arrangement for furniture and fixture, and maintenance of office premises, including maintenance of children day care center established at the SECP’s premises in Islamabad.

Functional Profile

General Office Management, Security and Event Management Wing

  • Provision of offices for all employees of the Commission.
  • Provision of standardized office furniture for use by employees e.g. Tables, Chairs, air- conditioners etc.
  • Ensuring a clean and secure office environment.
  • Ensuring availability of adequate lighting, water, telecommunication, email, fax etc.
  • Providing, where possible, designated parking for vehicles.
  • Ensuring availability of stationery for all employees and to ensure that all stationery is procured within the Commission’s policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring availability of adequate photocopying services/facilities.
  • Ensuring that day care facility is appropriately maintained.
  • Ensuring adequate security arrangements at all offices and residence of entitled officers.
  • Ensuring appropriate arrangements for all events of the Commission.
  • Assist the entire Admin Department on all legal issues pertaining to Admin Department.

Transport, Travel Management and General Procurement Wing
  • Ensure timely procurement of vehicles for entitled officers and for pool.
  • Responsible for hassle free maintenance arrangement for entitled officers of theCommission.
  • Ensure that all bills received for petrol, hotels and travel agents are processed on timely basis.
  • Make adequate arrangements for travel of officers of the Commission.
  • Ensure that general procurements are arranged and processed on timely basis.
Registry Management Wing
  • This wing is responsible for all incoming and outgoing mails. It has to ensure that put system in place good and efficient record filing and tracking systems for all the mails.
Assets and Property Management Wing
  • Acquisition of assets against approved requisitions.
  • Management of assets i.e. maintenance of appropriate record and physical verification of all assets of the Commission once a year.
  • Recommending disposal of un-used or obsolete assets.
  • Management of all the property of the Commission including buildings and land.
  • Ensuring appropriate insurance cover of all assets of the Commission.
Information Resource Centre (Library) Wing
This wing is responsible to ensure that appropriate reading material is available for all employees of the Commission in the form of:
  • Print Resources: Includes books, journals & periodicals etc.
  • Online Resources: Subscription of different online and off line resources from the national and international organizations.
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