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Chairman's Profile

Mr. Tahir Mahmood joined former Corporate Law Authority (CLA) in 1989 as a Grade-18 officer through the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). The Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) subsequently succeeded CLA under the SECP Act 1997.

After 21-years of service at the CLA & SECP, including five years as Executive Director, Enforcement, he was appointed Commissioner, SECP in September 2010. As a regular employee of the Commission, he was appointed Commissioner under section 5 of the SECP Act, 1997.

A fellow member of the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants, Pakistan (ICMAP) and Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan (ICSP), he has a degree in Law with extensive experience in company law administration, takeover laws, corporate restructuring, mergers and takeovers, corporate finance, judicial order writing, etc.

Mr. Tahir Mahmood is responsible for issuing around four hundred judicial orders, in his capacity as adjudicating officer and member of appellate bench, while working as Executive Director/Commissioner, SECP.

A large number of these orders were published in Corporate Law Decisions (CLD) Journals, and are referred to, today, by the legal community in their corporate law practice.

He is also a member of the Company Law Review Commission (CLRC), headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (retd) Mr. Ajmal Mian. Mr. Tahir Mahmood has spearheaded the drafting of various laws during his tenure with SECP; his expertise in corporate laws, especially company law, and takeovers laws, are largely acknowledged by the legal fraternity. In addition, he is a member of various professional forums including National Council of ICMAP, and the South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA).

Mr. Tahir Mahmood
Acting Chairman
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