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The Senior Management
Members of the Senior Management Committee (SMC) are as follows:
Mr. Tahir Mahmood
Commissioner (CLD, LL&GCD and SSD)
Tel: +92-51-9100449
Email: tahir.mehmood@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Zafar Abdullah
Commissioner (SMD & MDIED)
Tel: +92-51-9100464
Email: abdullah.zafar@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Akif Saeed
Commissioner (SCD, IS&TD and T&KMD)
Tel: +92-51-9100475
Email: akif.saeed@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Fida Hussain Samoo
Commissioner (Insurance)
Tel: +92-51-9100456
Email: fida.hussain@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Abdul Rehman Qureshi
Advisor to the Commission/Member Audit Committee
Commission’s Secretariat
Tel: +92-51-9100419
Email: rehman.qureshi@secp.gov.pk
Ms. Bushra Aslam
Secretary to the Commission/Registrar (Appellate Bench)
Tel: +92-51-9100416
Email: bushra.aslam@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Shahid Nasim
Executive Director
Specialized Companies Division – Supervision and Enforcement Department
Tel: +92-21-32416032
Email: shahid.nasim@secp.gov.pk

Mr. Aamir Khan

Executive Director/Registrar Modaraba
Specialized Companies Division - Policy, Regulation and Development Department
Tel: +92-51-9100418
Email: aamir.khan@secp.gov.pk

Mr. Imran Iqbal Panjwani
Executive Director
Securities Market Division – Policy, Regulation and Development Department
Tel: +92-21-9100437
Email: imran.iqbal@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Muhammad Asif Jalal Bhatti
Executive Director/HOD
Support Services Division
Tel: +92-51-9100472
Email: asif.jalal@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Abid Hussain
Securities Market Division – Market Surveillance and Special Initiative Department
Tel: +92-51-9100458
Email: abid.hussain@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Imran Inayat Butt
Securities Market Division – Market Supervision & Registration Department
Tel: +92-51-9100436
Email: imran.butt@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Muhammad Siddique
Registrar of Companies/Director/HOD
Company Law Division – Corporatization & Compliance Department
Tel: +92-051-9100443
Email: muhammad.siddique@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Haider Waheed Khan
Internal Audit and Compliance Department
Tel: +92-51-9100415
Email: haider.waheed@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Ali Azeem Ikram
Corporate Supervision Department
Tel: +92-51-9100451
Email: ali.azeem@secp.gov.pk
Ms. Musarat Jabeen
Market Development and Investor Education Department
Tel: +92-51-9100439
Email: musarat.jabeen@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Bilal Rasul
Islamic Finance Department
Tel: +92-51-9100453
Email: bilal.rasul@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Muzzafar Ahmed Mirza
Litigation, Legislation and General Counsel Division
Tel: +92-51-9100481
Email: muzzafar.mirza@secp.gov.pk
Mr. Muhammad Aqil Ismail
Information Systems and Technology Department
Tel: +92-51-9100466
Email: aqil.ismail@secp.gov.pk
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