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Road Shows
The SECP and the Central Depository Company have been jointly holding road shows for investor awareness and education. The purpose is to attract savings to the capital market from retail investors and businessmen in smaller cities and to educate the potential investors about the working of the stock markets. These road shows have also helped in removing misconceptions about stock market investments and have provided a forum to fund managers, brokerage houses and financial institutions to reach investors in smaller cities of Pakistan. So far, road shows have been conducted in five cities namely, Sialkot, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Quetta and Multan. The next road show is scheduled to be in Sukkur on 7 January 2006.

Registered Intermediaries and Licensed NBFIs

Investor Complaints

Fight Against Frauds

Fraud Investigation Unit
Fraud Investigation Unit (FIU) has been recently established within the SECP and is responsible for deterring and combating financial crimes in the corporate sector. The focus of the unit is to identify and investigate financial crimes, including financial crimes risk assessment and its management, and support in providing assurance for corporate governance and creation of deterrence.

Through this page a complaint can be lodged. There are several ways to file a complaint:

  1. Use the online form (Located above) to file your complaint electronically.
  2. If you do not want to communicate electronically, fill out the form and send it on our address at:

Fraud Investigation Unit (FIU)
Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan,
NIC Building, Jinnah Avenue,
Blue Area, Islamabad.

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