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22/01/2015 Nadeem Elahi CEO of Ali Asghar Textile Mills Ltd vs. Director (SMD - MSRD)
22/01/2015 Zillion Capital Securities (PVt) Ltd vs. Director (SMD)
22/01/2015 Avias Hyder Liaquat Nauman Chartered Accountants vs. Executive Director (Insurance)
22/01/2015 The Co-operative Insurance Socieity of Pakistan Ltd vs. Executive Director (Insurance)
22/01/2015 Riaz Ahmed, Saqib, Gohar and Co. Chartered Accountants Shajar Capital Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd vs. Director (SMD)
22/01/2015 D.J.M Securities (Pvt) Ltd vs. Director (SMD)
22/01/2015 Mr. Aamir of Elixir Securities Pakistan (PVt) Ltd vs. Director (SMD - MSRD)
22/01/2015 Axis Global Ltd vs. Director (SMD - MSRD)
22/01/2015 Axis Global Limited vs. Director (SMD - MSCID)
22/01/2015 Mr. Irfan Ismail of Elixir Securities Pakistan (PVt) Ltd vs. Director(SMD - MSRD)
22/01/2015 CEO and CFO of Dawood Capital Management Ltd vs. Executive Director (SCD)
20/01/2015 Azee Securities (Pvt) Ltd vs. Director (SMD)
20/01/2015 Muhammad Doosani of Live Securities Ltd vs. Diector (BR and ICW)
20/01/2015 HH Misbah Securities (Pvt) Ltd vs. Director (MS and CI)
19/01/2015 Khurram Inayat (Live Securities Ltd) vs. Director (BRandICW)
16/01/2015 Riaz Ahmad and Co. of Crescent Stadard Business Management (PVt) Ltd vs. Director (SMD)
16/01/2015 Umar Saleem Director of Mukhtar Textile Mills Ltd vs. Commissioner (SMD)
16/01/2015 D.D. Industries Ltd vs. Executive Director (SMD)
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