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Bilateral Agreements
  1. new MoU between Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA) and SECP In Relation to Assistance and Mutual Co-operation
  2. new MoU on Cooperation and Information Exchange between The Undersecretariat of Treasury of Turkey and SECP
  3. MoU for the Establishment, Operation and Administration of a Virtual One-Stop Shop for Company Registration between SECP, FBR and EOBI
  4. MoU with Employees Old Age Benefits Institution
  5. MoU with European Securities Market Authority
  6. MoU signed between KCDR and SECP
  7. MoU signed with the counterpart regulator in Oman
  8. Two MoUs signed by the SECP with the counterpart regulators in Jordan and Morocco
  9. MOU with Federal Board of Revenue
  10. MoU with Capital Markets Board (CMB) of Turkey
  11. MoU with China Securities Regulatory Commission
  12. MoU with the Securities and Exchange Organization, Iran
  13. MoU with the State Bank of Pakistan
  14. MoU with Securities and Exchage Board of India
  15. MoU with Mauldives Monetary Authority
  16. MoU with Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  17. MoU with Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan
  18. MoU between South Asian Securities Regulators
  19. MoU with Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka
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