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Company’s official address in case of office relocation within or to any other province can be modified anytime after the completion of its incorporation process.

NOTE: An address change request has the same course of execution as of Change of company name. It lacks the compulsory reservation of a new name for the company and the details of any resolution event for company relocation decision which might have taken place.



Log On to eServices

The client will connect to eServices and log on to his/her account or signup in case of a new user. (Click for Logon Help)



Enter Information (Relocation within the Province)

A successful logon to eServices will make available a Process Listing/Account Home page. Here the link “Change of Company Address” is clicked to open up its input form.

A few important links in this form are described below;

Data in these fields will be automatically generated and the Company name (current) along with its incorporation number and date will be displayed.

A designated bank branch (For Bank Selection please see page 22) is selected where a challan fee for the said process is submitted.   

The address details are provided in this section which includes the street address, postal code and a re-entry of telephone, fax and email information.



Enter Information (Relocation to other Province)

A successful logon to eServices will make available a Process Listing/Account Home page. Here the “Change of Company address (Different Province)” option is clicked to open up its input form.

An important section in this form is described below;

The new address details province wise are provided in this section which includes the street address, postal code, new telephone and fax numbers and a re-entry of an email address.



Attach Documents

A successful and complete information entry at "Change of Company Address" Form will lead the client to a new page. This page includes a list of Client’s filled/unfilled documents, New Challan and Statutory forms which are required to be filled/attached along with this application.

A successful data entry and document attachment leads the client towards the actual submission of his/her application.

NOTE: For ensuring a complete application submission, four copies of Challan must be printed out. Three of the copies are submitted at the Designated Bank branch and the remainder is a personal copy.



Sign Documents with Digital Certificates

After document attachment, the application is conferred with signatures.

Digital Certificates
An electronic application is signed or conferred with the help of Digital Certificates which are electronically encoded data files. Digital Certificates are obtained from the National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (Pvt) Ltd (NIFT). The number of digital Signatures to be acquired will depend upon the number of Signatories (Directors, Subscribers, etc) of the company.

The last task listed on the “Document Listing” page is Sign Forms.

NOTE: Digital Signature Pad view is subject to updated system requirements. In case an of access error, please refer to page 12 for system requirements’)

A few important links in this form are described below;

This column lists down all those forms available with the Company application which require digital signatures to be attached with them.

Parallel to each form name, the name of its specific signatory is given in this next column of the Signature Pad.

Each row of this section has a check box for selecting the exact document which needs to be attached with signatures. 

Process initiation will start the attachment of digital signature with each selected document. The user will have to wait for a couple of minutes till the attachment process is complete. During the wait period, the process execution will be stated step by step in a progress window at the lower half of the Signature Pad for user’s update.

Upon signature attachment, the eServices application will prompt a process completion message.

NOTE: Different documents may require signatures by different executives depending upon their given roles in the company. For this reason, a user will log on, work on the documents he/she is required to sign and logoff allowing the next user to login. The next user will complete his/her signature task and the process will go on the same way for each signatory. 



Check for Update

Client’s application regarding modification in Company Address is sent to the CRO for company profile update.

Upon submitting the application, user will now be guided back to the Process Listing page. Company compliance update is posted to client’s eServices accounts regularly. Therefore, it is a good practice to check for response/update from SECP offices by logging in the user accounts regularly.

A few important links in the process listing page are described below;

Lists of processes which are available for the user to interact with are listed under this heading to choose from.

A list of processes which are need resolution/modifications from the user end will appear under this title. It is considered a good practice for the user to log into the eServices account regularly and resolve processes which need response.

Lists of processes which are being processed by the user are placed under this heading only for reference and record purpose.


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