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27/02/2015 SECP warns public about defunct companies
26/02/2015 SECP appoints prominent professionals on boards of the bourses
25/02/2015 SECP organizes investor awareness seminar in Karachi
24/02/2015 Senate Committee discuss draft Securities Bill 2015
20/02/2015 SECP amends regulatory framework for NBFCs: public comments sought
16/02/2015 Ishaq Dar asks SECP to take strict action against inside trading to set a precedent
12/02/2015 SECP initiated 94 show cause proceedings
12/02/2015 SECP adopts stringent measures for market surveillance
11/02/2015 SECP sets up specialized department to regulate Islamic finance companies
11/02/2015 SECP rolls out vision for commodities trading
09/02/2015 SECP organizes investor awareness seminars in Islamabad
04/02/2015 SECP registered 414 companies in January
30/01/2015 SECP facilitates NGOs
29/01/2015 SECP extends NGO renewal deadline to February 16
29/01/2015 Senate committee reviews Draft Securities Bill 2015
24/01/2015 SECP organizing seminars for investor awareness
23/01/2015 A regulator should watch interests for the man in street: Khalid Mirza
22/01/2015 SECP extends the applicability of Cost Accounting Records Order 2012
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