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new 24-Admin

Quotation required for Supply and Installation of Vertical Blinds at SECP Head Office Islamabad

19-11-2014 20-11-2014 dOWNLOAD
new 23-Admin

Quotations Required for Purchase of Hand Made Carpets

19-11-2014 20-11-2014 dOWNLOAD
new 22-Admin

Civil Work - Construction of Two Store Rooms at SECP Head office Islamabad

18-11-2014 20-11-2014 dOWNLOAD
new 21-IT

Procurement of Scanners

18-11-2014 24-11-2014 dOWNLOAD

Invitation to Bid for Photocopier Services at Lahore

08-11-2014 27-11-2014 dOWNLOAD

Procurement for Camera and LCD

12-11-2014 24-11-2014 dOWNLOAD

Quotations Required for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Prime Power 6 KVA on load or 6.8 KVA Patrol, Gas or Diesel Generator at CRO Quetta

30-10-2014 24-11-2014 dOWNLOAD

Provision and Maintenance Services for 200 Plants at SECP’s Head Office, Islamabad

27-10-2014 20-11-2014 dOWNLOAD

Purchase of Tape Drive for IBM TS3100 Tape Library

13-10-2014 20-11-2014 dOWNLOAD

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