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Site Overview

Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan is an autonomous regulatory body, administering the corporate laws in the country. The SEC website is a resource to provide general information and eventually specific services to the general public, companies, trade bodies, stock exchanges and other relevant departments / agencies.

The website has been designed to ensure ease of usability and relevance of information. Site is divided into various sections as follows:

  • The first section 'About SECP' deals with the history, objective and mission statement of the Commission together with the governing laws, Securities & Exchange Commission Act, 1997.
  • The second section is meant to be for the promoters looking to form and register a new company. The section contains guidelines for forming a company. Relevant forms for the process are also provided in downloadable format in the section. A feature of company name search to facilitate the process of selecting a name for the company has also been provided.
  • The third section deals with the investors. It provides information about intermediaries and advisors, such as stockbrokers, agents and Asset Management Companies, tips for investors and has an interactive portion to lodge complaints regarding any issue to the investors.
  • The Laws and Regulations section contains details of corporate laws, notifications, and circulars, appellate and other orders. This information base is useful for anyone seeking any information regarding the corporate laws in Pakistan.
  • News & Statements keeps visitors updated regarding latest news on SECP affairs. It also contains various annual reports and new announcements by the Commission. New job offerings and SECP newsletter are also part of the section.

Other than these sections general information regarding various development projects at SECP, various divisions of SECP and links to relevant sites are also provided on the website.

SECP is always striving to improve upon the services it provides. Provision of services through website is one of the envisioned goals. Recently various sections have been added to the website to realize the vision. All the divisions of SECP now have separate sites, specifically dealing with the services provided by that division. These sites include various systems related to these divisions; legal frame work for the division and all division related complaints can be filed through individual sites. Apart from that an e-name reservation facility has been added to the feature of company name search. Besides e-name reservation, other electronic based services recently added include e-registration system dealing with company registration, e-licensing system, e-submission /disclosure facility and e-complaint system has just been added.

SECP has been working and continues to strive to make this website a hub for all its activities with the sole objective of increasing efficiency and access for intended audience. Kindly keep visiting the site often to remain updated about the changes and additional service offerings.

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