Company Name Reservation

First step towards incorporation of a Company is to seek availability of name from the Registrar concerned in terms of section 37 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984. Before applying for name reservation, please check the name first at the links given below to make sure that the proposed name complies with the following conditions:

  1. It is neither identical or nor closely resemble with the name of any existing company;
  2. It is not be inappropriate and deceptive; and
  3. It doesn’t contain any prohibited word.

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List of Prohibited Words

please check that your preferred company name does not contain any prohibited words


The application for name reservations can be filed under following three modes which are characterized on the basis of fee charged and processing time:

1 – Swift Incorporation Mode

The complete application along with short memorandum and articles of association and normal fee shall be submitted by 10:00 a.m. on any working day which shall be disposed of on the same day.

2 – Fast Track Registration Services (FTRS)

The complete application shall be submitted using with higher FTRS fee for urgent processing in 4 hours. The FTRS fee is mentioned below for both online and offline mode.

3 – Normal Mode

The application shall be submitted with normal fee on any working day for processing.


The applicant shall apply for company name reservation either online or offline.

Online/ eServices

  1. The user shall create account (user name and password) under user registration system of eServices and generate PIN for signing the application. The step-wise procedure for user registration in e-services is available here.
  2. Log on to eServices Portal using user name and password.
  3. Select FTRS or submit application before 10:00 a.m. under Swift Incorporation Mode if you want urgent processing.
  4. Enter data in the online form.
  5. Sign the form using PIN.
  6. Submit the process.
  7. Make payment of PKR 200/- for normal and swift incorporation mode or PKR 700/- for FTRS through credit card or online fund transfer (MCB and UBL account holders only). You may also take print out of the fee challan and deposit in the selected branch of MCB bank or UBL.


  1. Generate M-Challan of PKR 500/- from SECP, website, for normal mode or swift incorporation mode or Generate M-Challan of PKR 1500/- from SECP, website, for submission of application in FTRS.
  2. Deposit fee in designated branches of MCB or UBL.
  3. Submit application along with Original fee challan to the Registrar at concerned CRO for name Reservation.