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Query: {{query}}

Search Guidelines

Type your query in search input box at the top of page and hit "Enter"

Follow these guidelines to refine search

  • Search Phrase: - If you enter a phrase e.g. "Stock Exchange", it will search for whole phrase "Stock Exchange"
  • Search can either be conducted based on single word/phrase or multiple words/phrases. This can be achieved by adding a
    2nd (or 3rd) word or phrase in the Advance search box. User has to add a + sign between first, second and
    any subsequent words or phrases.
  • View: - This section has ‘Detailed’ or ‘Table’ options.
    Selection of ‘Table’ option shows search results in a tabular format.
    Selection of “Detailed” option shows specific paragraph and image of the page where
    searched words/phrases appear.
  • Tags Filter: - This option provides document categories to filter search results.
  • Time Range Filter: - Filter for searching documents based on their addition to SECP Website.
    Default dates are from 01/01/1970 till current day.
  • Alphabetical Filer: - This filter allows to narrow down the search further by selecting an alphabet.
    Click an alphabet to select and click again to deselect. Once an alphabetic filter is selected
    The search will be carried out only on those files where file name is starting with the
    selected alphabet.
  • Document Filter: - This filter contains specific set of documents. When a document is
    selected, the search is performed only within that document. Select “All Documents” to
    clear this filter.