Pre-legislative scrutiny is a process whereby draft legislation is offered to be considered by a committee, group or any individual before a draft law is formally placed before the law making authority. The process acts as an additional stage of scrutiny/examination and provides an opportunity for more detailed and considered analysis of a draft law and its contents. Pre-legislative scrutiny provides an opportunity for more considered debate and analysis of draft legislation. It provides a legitimate space for the articulation of stakeholder views and perspectives and enables citizens to influence legislation at a formative stage. In the long run, pre-legislative scrutiny can help improve the quality of legislation.

SECP also follows the process of pre-legislative scrutiny as required under the assigned statutes for the draft laws, rules or regulations as well as any amendment in the existing law, rules or regulations by publishing them in the official Gazette, newspapers and also placing the same on its website enabling stakeholders and public to send their comments at an early stage in the legislative process in order to take on broad different views and perspective. Effective operationalization of this provision of the assigned laws is an institutional mechanism through which the legislative process can be made more transparent and participatory. Internationally, in many countries, pre-legislative scrutiny is an established process through which citizens are encouraged to give their comments and feedback on proposed legislation.

Draft Laws

Date Added Title Download
31/05/2017 Draft Modaraba Bill, 2017

Draft Rules and Regulations

Date Added Title Download
22/04/2015 Draft Modaraba Regulations, 2015
16/11/2015 Draft Public Offering and Disclosures Regulations, 2015
05/01/2016 Draft Listed Companies (Buy Back of Shares) Regulations 2016
26/02/2016 Draft amendments in the Modaraba Companies and Modaraba Rules, 1981
24/03/2016 Draft Bond Pricing Agency Rules, 2016
31/03/2016 Draft Private Placement of Securities Rules, 2016
12/04/2016 Draft Public Offering of Securities Rules, 2016
12/04/2016 Draft Public Offering of Securities Rules, 2016
13/04/2016 Draft Centralized (Know Your Customer) Organization Rules, 2016
20/04/2016 Draft Valuers Registration and Governance Regulations, 2016
21/04/2016 Draft Advisers and Consultants to the Issue of Securities Rules, 2016
26/04/2016 Draft Amendment in the Non-Banking Finance Companies and Notified Entities Regulations, 2008
11/05/2016 Draft Securities Exchange (Licensing and Operations) Regulations, 2016
11/05/2016 Draft Employees Provident Fund Investment in Listed Securities Rules 2016
25/05/2016 Revision of Audit Report Format as prescribed in form 35(A) and Form 35(C) of the Companies (General Provisions and Forms) Rules, 1985
01/06/2016 Draft Centralized Customer Fund Regulations 2016
01/06/2016 Draft Customer Compensastion Fund Rules 2016
02/06/2016 Draft Credit Suretyship Rules 2016
08/06/2016 Draft amendments in the Non-Banking Finance Companies and Notified Entities Regulations , 2008
21/06/2016 Sound and Prudent Regulations, 2012
30/06/2016 Draft Shares Registrar & Balloters Regulations, 2016
09/08/2016 Draft Amendments to the Central Depositories (Licensing and Operations) Regulations, 2016
09/08/2016 Draft Amendments to the Central Depositors (Licensing and Operations) Regulations, 2016
22/08/2016 Draft Amendments to Voluntary Pension System Rules, 2005
23/08/2016 Draft amendments to the Public Sectors Companies (Corporate Governance) Rules, 2013
06/09/2016 Second draft of valuers Registration and Governance Regulations
06/09/2016 SRO 844(I)/2016 (Draft amendments in the Small Dispute Resolution Committees (Constitution and Procedure) Rules, 2015
07/09/2016 Draft Underwriters Regulations, 2016
18/10/2016 Amendments to the Reporting and Disclosure (of Shareholding by Directors, Executive Directors and Substantial Shareholders in Listed Companies)
03/11/2016 Draft Amendments in NBFC and Notified Entities Regulations 2008
08/11/2016 SRO 1040(I)/2016 (Draft amendments in NBFC Regulations)
09/11/2016 Debt Securities Trustees Regulations, 2016
10/11/2016 Draft Securities and Futures Advisers (Licensing and Operations) Regulations, 2016
10/11/2016 Draft Securities and Futures Advisers Regulations 2016
02/12/2016 Listed companies (substantial acquisition of voting shares and takeovers) Regulations, 2016
07/12/2016 SRO 1144(I)/2016 Collateral management and warehousing (establishment and operations) regulations, 2016
09/12/2016 SRO 1146(I)/2016 (Draft amendments in VPS rules, 2005)
20/02/2017 SRO 102 (I)/2017 (Amendments in Securities Brokers Regulations, 2016)
11/04/2017 Draft Sukuk (Amendments) Regulations, 2017
18/04/2017 SRO 262 (I)/2017 Draft Amendments to the Insurance Rules, 2017
10/05/2017 SRO 314 (I)/2017 Draft Amendments to the Research Analyst Regulations, 2015
16/05/2017 SRO 349 (I)/2017 Draft Whistle blowing Regulations, 2017
22/05/2017 SRO 354 (I)/2017 Amendments in NBFC & Notified Entities Regulations, 2008
06/06/2017 SRO 422 (I)/2017 Draft Limited Liability Partnership Regulations, 2017
06/06/2017 SRO 423 (I)/2017 Draft Companies (Incorporation) Regulations, 2017
06/06/2017 SRO 424 (I)/2017 Draft Intermediaries (Registration) Regulations, 2017
15/06/2017 SRO 471 (I)/2017 Draft Auditors (Reporting Obligations) Regulations, 2017
16/06/2017 SRO 473 (I)/2017 Draft Unclaimed Shares, Modaraba Certificates, dividend and other instruments Regulations, 2017
16/06/2017 SRO 474 (I)/2017 Draft Investor Education and Awareness Fund Rules, 2017
03/08/2017 SRO 754 (I)/2017 Draft Futures Brokers (Licensing & Operation) Regulations, 2017
17/08/2017 SRO 832 (I)/2017 Licensing of Accredited Representatives Regulations, 2017
08/09/2017 SRO 909 (I)/2017 Professional Clearing Members (Licensing and Operations) Regulations, 2017
18/09/2017 SRO 928 (I)/2017 Shariah Advisors Regulations, 2017
05/10/2017 SRO 1006 (I)/2017 Draft Companies (Distribution of Dividend) Regulations 2017
06/10/2017 SRO 1009 (I)/2017 Draft Companies (Investment in Associated Companies or Associated Undertakings) Regulations, 2017
11/10/2017 SRO 1026 (I)/2017 The Companies (Compliance and Reporting) Regulations, 2017
11/10/2017 Annexures of Draft Regulations (The Companies (Compliance and Reporting) SRO 1026 (I)/2017)
23/10/2017 SRO 1069 (I)/2017 Draft Valuers Regulations
08/11/2017 SRO 1162 (I)/2017 Amendments to Securities and Futures Advisers (Licensing and Operations) Regulations, 2017
14/11/2017 SRO 1177 (I)/2017 Securities Manager (Licensing and Operations) Regulations, 2017
14/11/2017 SRO 1174 (I)/2017 Draft amendments to Public Offering Regulations, 2017
15/11/2017 Comparative Sheet for providing comments on draft amendments in the Public Offering Regulations notified Vide S R O 1174(I)/2017
17/11/2017 SRO 1194 (I)/2017 Draft Amendments in Securities Brokers (Liccensing and Operations) Regulations
22/11/2017 SRO 1208 (I)/2017 The Companies (Mediation and Conciliation) Regulations, 2017
22/11/2017 SRO 1209 (I)/2017 The Foreign Companies Regulations, 2017
23/11/2017 SRO 1215 (I)/2017 Amendments to PMEX Regulations, 2017
30/11/2017 SRO 1226 (I)/2017 Amendments to Clearing Houses (Licensing and Operations) Regulations, 2017
12/12/2017 SRO 1247(I)/2017 Notification amendments in Stock Exchange Regulations
13/12/2017 SRO1245 (I)/2017 Draft Intermediaries (Registration) Regulations, 2017
13/12/2017 SRO 1222 (I)/2017 Draft Shariah Standards of AAOIFI (With Annexes)
18/12/2017 S.R.O. 1256 (I) 2017 draft Securities (Leverage Markets and Pledging) Rules, 2017
26/12/2017 Draft Companies (Registration Offices) Regulations, 2017
01/01/2018 Draft Companies (Postal Ballot) Regulations, 2017
05/01/2018 Draft Amendments by the SECP in the Securities Exchanges (Licensing and Operations) Regulations, 2016
17/01/2018 Draft Employees Contributory Fund (Investment in Listed Securities) Regulations, 2018
19/01/2018 Draft Corporate Restructuring Companies Rules 2018
30/01/2018 Draft amendments to the Securities and Futures Advisers (Licensing and Operations) Regulations, 2017
16/02/2018 Draft amendment to the Companies (Distribution of Dividends) Regulations, 2017
02/03/2018 Draft Shariah Governance Regulations, 2018
02/03/2018 Draft Amendment-Incorporation Regulations, 2017
08/03/2018 Draft of Search and Seizure Rules 2017
16/03/2018 Draft Manner and Selection of Independent Director Regulations, 2018
27/03/2018 Revised Draft Limited Liability Partnership Regulations, 2018
10/04/2018 Draft Shariah Standards no: 21
10/04/2018 Draft Employees Contributory Fund (Investment in Listed Securities) Regulations, 2018