Every surveyor, loss adjusters and loss assessor other than an adjuster of aviation or maritime losses are required to get licensed under section 112 of the Insurance Ordinance, 2000.

Under the law there are two types of licenses:

  • Insurance Surveyor (surveying company), and
  • Authorized Surveying Officer.

Classes of Insurance Surveying

The following are the classes for insurance surveyors:

  • Fire & Property Damage
  • Marine Aviation and Transport business
  • Motor Third Party Compulsory Business
  • Liability Business
  • Workers compensation business
  • Credit & Suretyship business
  • Accident & Health business
  • Agriculture insurance including crop insurance
  • Miscellaneous business

Procedure for Granting License to Insurance Surveyor

Eligibility Criteria

  • No person who is not a company shall be eligible to be licensed as an insurance surveyor.


  • A minimum paid up share capital shall be one million rupees,
  • The minimum level of professional indemnity insurance shall be one million rupees for any one event and such insurance shall extend to a body corporate and all directors or officers of the body corporate who act as Authorized Surveying Officers;
  • The minimum educational qualification for the CEO of an insurance surveyor shall be Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from a recognized university.

Application for Licensing of Insurance Surveyors

  • The application for grant of license to act as an insurance surveyor should be filed with the Commission under sub.Rule 1 of Rule 19 of the Insurance Rules 2002.

Documentary Evidences:

  • An application for an insurance surveyor’s license should be accompanied by the following documents, namely:
  • To furnish certified true copy of certificate of incorporation duly certified by the Company Registration Office.
  • To furnish certified true copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association duly certified by the Company Registration Office.
  • To furnish paid challan in respect of fee for grant of license of the insurance surveyors company to the extent of Rs.2,000/- for each class of insurance surveyors.
  • To furnish a statement showing the breakup of the paid up capital of the company duly verified by the Chartered Accountants within the meaning of the Chartered Accountants Ordinance, 1961 (x of 1961).
  • To furnish a statement showing the numbers of persons working in the company along with their complete names, addresses and other particulars.
  • A declaration is required in terms of sub.Rule (3) of Rule 19;
  • The declaration should be on stamp paper, which shall be signed:-
  • in the case of body corporate, by at least two directors of the body corporate; and
  • in the case of a firm by at least two partners of the firm.
  • The declaration should also be attested by the Notary Public.