Annual Returns  (Form A/B and Form 29)

Every company is required to file Form A/B and Form 29 once in a year. Annual return on Form A/B is required to be filed by the companies, in terms of Section-156 of the Ordinance. It is a snapshot of general information about a Company giving details of its chief executive, directors, chief accountant, secretary, legal adviser and auditors, registered office address, shareholders and share capital.

  • A company having a share capital files annual return on Form-A
  • A company not having a share capital files annual return on Form-B


In terms of Section-205 of the Ordinance, Form 29 is used to report:-

  • Appointment of officers of the company i.e. director, chief executive, managing agent, secretary, chief accountant; auditors and legal advisor.
  • Ceasing of officers of the company (resignation, removal, death etc.).
  • Any change in particulars/details of officers of the company, for example, a change of name or new residential address.

Every year all the companies have to file Form A/B along with Form 29 in a prescribed format for any of the above mentioned change therein.

Form A/B  & 29 can be downloaded from the following link

Statutory Forms