The Commission in its 24th meeting dated 26th May, 2015 approved a four-member Shari’ah Advisory Board (“SAB”) of SECP to give its opinion on Islamic capital market matters. The SAB comprises of three Shari’ah scholars, namely, Justice Khalil ur Rehman (Chairman), Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman and Prof. Dr. Tahir Mansoori (Shari’ah Members) and one technical member, namely, Mr. Bilal Rasul (Head of Islamic Finance Department, SECP). The SAB is entrusted to provide Shari’ah opinion on the laws, rules, regulations, agreements, and documents presented to it. The Shari’ah scholars also advise SECP on a range of issues including the operation, auditing and reporting of Islamic mutual funds, pensions and insurance operators etc. The guidance and advice of the Shari’ah Board enhances the credibility of Islamic financial institutions and products.