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25/04/2016 details of listed TFCs
25/04/2016 Issue of securities outside Pakistan
25/04/2016 List of Registered Balloters and Transfer Agents
25/04/2016 List of Credit Rating Companies in Pakistan
25/04/2016 Pakistan’s debt market at glance
25/04/2016 Redemption status of participation term certificates
25/04/2016 Redemption Status of Sukuk Issues
25/04/2016 Redemption status of privately placed TFCs
25/04/2016 Redemption Status PTCs 20150228
25/04/2016 TFCs issued by SPVs Under Securitization Transactions 20130130
27/06/2016 PMEX Daily Market Summary
30/06/2016 Sukuk by PDSCL
10/08/2016 circular 231
20/10/2016 Details of commercial paper issues
20/10/2016 Details of Participation Term Certificates
20/10/2016 Details of Sukuk Issues
20/10/2016 Details of privately placed TFCs
20/10/2016 Public Offers of Shares
20/10/2016 Redemption status of listedTFCs
20/10/2016 Redemption Status of Commercial Papers
07/11/2016 Daily Stock Market report – November 4, 2016
01/12/2016 List of Registered Brokers and Agents
20/12/2016 Notified Research Entities
17/01/2017 List of Underwriters Registered with SECP
19/01/2017 List of Registered Book Runners