Date Added Title Download
27/06/2002 Guidelines for Preparation of Prospectus
20/11/2002 Guidelines for The Issue of Term Finance Certificates (TFCs) to General Public
28/03/2004 Guidelines for issue of shares at discount
29/09/2004 Criteria/Guidelines for recognition of bodies of professional accountants and corporate/chartered secretaries for the purpose of prescribed qualification of CFO and Company Secretary
01/01/2005 Internet Trade Regulation
23/01/2010 Guidelines for Bancassurance, 2010
01/06/2013 CSR Guidelines
20/03/2016 Public Sector Companies (Appointment of Chief Executive) Guidelines, 2015
27/04/2016 Guidelines for Structuring and Offering of the Employees Stock Option Schemes
17/08/2016 Principles of Corporate Governance
08/09/2016 Clarification(s) on Calculation and Reporting of Net Capital Balance
11/11/2016 Guide and Procedure Section 42 Companies-2016
22/06/2017 Guide for renewal of license under section 42
29/08/2017 Guidelines for Cooperation and Assistance to Foreign Regulatory Authorities
31/08/2017 Guidelines for Internal Control System and Compliance Function for Securities Broker
06/12/2017 FAQs for CCG Regulations 2017
29/01/2018 Public Sector Companies (Corporate Governance Compliance) Guidelines 2018
02/02/2018 Additional FAQs for CCG Regulations 2017-1.2.18