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new SECP invites public comments on Research Analyst Regulations | Draft Regulations for Public Feedback  (i)  Draft Private Fund Regulations 2015  (ii)  Draft of amended NBFC Regulations 2008  (iii)  Draft Real Estate Investment Trust Regulations 2015 | Issue of Sukuk Regulations 2015 | The last date for submission of application for renewal of licence under Section 42 extended Upto 16.2.2015.

SECP constitute committee to recommend the way forward in term of infrastructure landscape of the Pakistan Stock market

Islamabad - March 20

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has constituted a committee to recommend the way forward in term of infrastructure landscape of the Pakistan Stock market ......... more


SECP Chairman expresses confidence in stock markets' soundness

New REIT regulations aimed at removing bottlenecks for new entrants: SECP

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Order dated March 24, 2015 issued by the Director/HoD (MSRD) in the matter of Show Cause Notice to M/s. Black Stone Equities (Private) Limited under Section 22 of the Securities and Exchange Ordinance 1969
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Revision of Prescribed Circular Accompanying Offer Right Shares by Companies
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Notification S.R.O. No.225 (I)/2015 dated March 13, 2015 regarding proposed increase in the Minimum Paid-Up Capital requirement for Insurance Companies
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Mr. Amir Rasheed and Mr. Ch. Muhammad Sarwar vs. LSE through its Managing Director and Others
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Aba Ali Habib Securities (Private) Limited - Warning Letter, Wash Trades in Shares of BAFL
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Draft Amendments in Single Member Companies Rules 2003
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new SECP invites public comments on Research Analyst Regulations
new Draft Proposed Amendment in Rule 26 (b) of the SEC (Insurance) Rules, 2002 for Eliciting Public Opinion
new Draft Regulations for Public Feedback
  1. Draft Private Fund Regulations 2015
  2. Draft of amended NBFC Regulations 2008
  3. Addendum to draft of amended NBFC Regulations 2008
  4. Draft Real Estate Investment Trust Regulations 2015
new Issue of Sukuk Regulations, 2015
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new Draft Book Building Regulations, 2015
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new Circular No.19/2014 regarding deduction of WithHolding Tax on the amount of Dividend
new Public Notice regarding Annual Returns/Accounts
new Concept Paper on Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in Pakistan. The comments and feedback can be provided here.
new Amendment in the sixth schedule to the companies ordinance,1984
[ Schedule of Fee | Amendment 22.07.2014 ]
new Amendments in the Credit Rating Companies Rules, 1995
[ Amended Rules Form | Notification Form ]
new Public Warning - Beware of scams and frauds
new SRO 482 of 2014 regarding Draft of the Companies (Proxy E-Voting) Regulations, 2014
Application Form and annexures for Authorization as Window Takaful Operator under the Takaful Rules, 2012
Schedule of 2nd Surveyor Test 2014 and Application Form for Registration 2014 of Pakistan Insurance Institute
Online Fund Transfer Facility

SRO 80 of 2014 regarding Employees’ Provident Fund (Investment in Listed Securities) Rules, 2014

Insurance Industry Reform Committee Report 2014

Securities and Exchange Commission (Microinsurance) Rules, 2014

Circular 05 of 2014 regarding Announcement of the Approved List of Auditors Pursuant to section 48(1) of the Insurance Ordinance, 2000

Application for enlistment/categorisation of Auditors on the approved list pursuant to section 48(1)(a) of the Insurance Ordinance, 2000 | [doc]

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